Friday, February 03, 2012

Superbowl Spread

So, today at work, we are having a Superbowl Potluck. I brought this.

It's Seven Layer Dip and it's super easy and you probably know how to make it, but I'm gonna show you anyway!

Get a pretty dish, anything really. I have seen this made in a 9x9 pan. Smaller, but thick layers.

Spread a can of refried beans around in an even layer.

Plop out spoonfuls of sour cream, spread around in an even layer.

Pour over this approx 2 cups of salsa. I used Pace, medium.

You can cover this and finish topping it the next day.

I bought a bag of the taco mix cheeses and a bag of chips. I cut up 2 roma tomatoes and put them in a baggy and 1/4 head of lettuce, sliced finely and put it in a baggy. I also took a can of sliced black olives. You could totally add a layer of guac, but it doesn't keep well. If I was doing this at home, I would have. You could also add a purple onion.

But, you see. I don't like purple onions. Blech.

So, I didn't.

Once it was time to serve, I shook almost all of the 2 cups worth of cheese over the salsa layer, then topped with the shredded lettuce, tomatoes and half the can of olives.


I know this is totally easy, but I had no less than five mumbled thanks. Mumbled because their mouths were full. ;)

Look at that spread! Totally ready for the Superbowl. They also brought out a big tray of wings that I didn't get a picture of. My fingers were kinda messy.

Those on the right are Rocky Road Brownie's people. Wowza. Topped with marshmallows and fudge and rebaked until puffy.

If you need any additional recipe ideas, try my Moonshiner Burgers! They rock and you can throw them on small sliders. Guys'll love 'em!

We made a board with bids on the winning Superbowl score. Maybe I'll win!


Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes said...

OOO yummy!!! I love chips and dips like these! All that food looks delicious! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!

Jana said...

Yum. Super bowl food is the bomb dot com. lol That dip looks seriously good. And healthy! ;-)

I made cream cheese wontons/crab rangoons for our "super bowl party". I ended up eating most of them because Daddy said they had too much green onion. Whatevs. They were delish. And we'll not speak of how many wings I ate. *groan*

JenMarie said...

Yeah, the dip wasn't too bad, but the chips used to get it to my mouth weren't all that healthy... ;) Especially when I used the Frito scoops... *yum*

Your rangoons sound like perfect super bowl food. I think I ate a few wings, too. *love*