Monday, February 20, 2012

Just Chatting

The fireman took the youngest boy to see Ghost Rider 2 3D. I can't remember what the full title of the movie is. I think they had fun, but the fireman said that it wasn't as good as the first one. It was a little more 'insane', he said. Also, they retold a bit of the original plot. Strange.

I think it's really cool that he's taking time with each of the kids outside of the house. Of course, we try to have time with each of the kids, but to go out and do something together is pretty cool.

The girl and I stayed in Friday and watched DVR'd tv shows and played Racko....she rules.

On Saturday, the fireman and I went mattress shopping. Our current mattress is sagging and in desperate need of replacement. I'm hoping it'll help me sleep more restful. I have been waking up a little achy and not feeling refreshed.

Is it possible to dream so much that you can't rest? I feel like I have so many dreams a night that I'm plum wore out! And I can remember at least 2 each night. I thought REM was supposed to be good? LOL

I wish I would have gotten a cute shot of the fireman and the girl Saturday night. They were sitting on the floor together playing Cooties. The game where you put together the plastic bug with legs? Totally cute.

The youngest boy spent a lot of time with the girl this past weekend. Friday night he suggested that they play in the basement with a bouncy ball so that they didn't break anything. And he made her a construction paper 'cage' for her plastic mice. He told her it was for practice since she's trying to talk the fireman and I into a hamster. Seriously? Adorable. He was even letting her listen to youtube videos on his laptop with him. This is pretty major for a 14 year old. I think it is, anyway.

It was sweet and I appreciated it. So, of course, in her eyes he totally hung the moon. She was sad to see him go back to his mom's Saturday night.

The middle boy's been busy with work. He's 16 and has his first job bussing tables for a restaurant in a boat club nearby. How cool is that? I'm awfully proud of him. He's been working lots and being very responsible about it.

The oldest boy moved out a few months ago and got a job working for Menards. He's very excited about it and I am for him. I think he'll do well there.

I just finished A Cutthroat Business by Jenna Bennett, which is Jennie Bentley from the DIY series like Fatal Fixer Upper. They are fun books and I enjoyed her new series. The new series is about a new real estate agent that stumbles over a dead body. Of course, she gets investigative on it and helps solve the crime. Much like the DIY series, where they stumble over a dead body while flipping houses. Nice story line, a little romance. Good stuff.

Sunday the girl and I just relaxed after church. We went to see the new Secret World of Arrietty, which was cool. It was a simple movie, which is kinda cool. Good plot line, relaxing to watch. Interesting. Although, I didn't realize that this wasn't made by Disney. It was made by a studio in Japan and dubbed in 5 different countries with different actors. I guess Disney just backed it with their actors. We enjoyed it.

Oh, and I washed the cat.

And I didn't even bleed this time!

We got a few grocery 'extras' and walked around the mall, just for fun and then home in time to put together a simple dinner of turkey sausage, turkey chili and a little shredded cheese. Actually quite good! I think turkey sausage tastes a little like a hotdog.

Didn't know a hot dog could look so appetizing!

It's important to read the funnies, Mom! Notice she decided to forego the chili? What's wrong with her?
Darnit if she isn't just the cutest!

Then we cuddled on the couch and watched Once Upon A Time. Such a good show.

It was a perfect, relaxing weekend. What did the rest of you do?


Jana said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. So cool about the 14-year-old hanging out with the girl. Kinda makes you just wanna hug him, don't it? lol

I love Once Upon A Time, too. It's one of the few shows I get excited to watch anymore.

JenMarie said...

Yes, it totally makes me want to hug him, too! LOL
And I do...

I still get excited about Being Human, too, but I watch that one with the fireman, not the girl. ;)