Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sausage Confetti

It's important that your food is pretty. It should be colorful. True story!

If your food is appealing to look at, you will feel more satisfied. It works for me anyway.

I like this meal because it tastes fresh. It is low in fat because I use turkey sausage and has lots of steamed veggies. It tastes green. Does that make sense?

I made this for the first time, probably 10 years ago, and haven't made it for the last few years. Not sure why. The fireman liked it!

It's simple and cheap and you can have it on the table in a half an hour.

Before you start to cut your veggies, throw some water in your stock pot and a square of chicken bullion, it will amp the flavor in the steam. Put your lid on and turn it on high to get to a boil. The water shouldn't be higher than the bottom of the steam basket.

I used Butterball Everyday turkey smoked sausage, but you can use any smoked sausage. I used to use Hillshire Farm's beef smoked sausage, but this is half the fat.

When you buy turkey products, make sure you check the fat content. Many turkey sausages have just as much fat as their pork or beef counterparts.

I was shocked by that, you may be more turkey-savvy than I am.

I cut the sausage in half, to make the chunks smaller, then I slice it.

If you don't have a steam basket, you could sit a metal collander in a large stock pot.

Then use any frozen vegetable mix. I like stir fry mixes. They have a great variety of vegetables and lots of different flavors and colors.

Just dump the frozen veggies on the sausage. If you're using smoked sausage, it's already cooked and only needs to warm up. Although you should double check the package.
You'll only need half a head of cabbage. I cut it into slices like this and then turn it to get nice bite sized pieces.
Pile it on top of the frozen veggies. There's not much room left in my steam basket. It's ok if it's stuffed in there, the cabbage will compress a bit as it steams.

By now the water in the stockpot should be boiling, or close to it. Put your basket in the stockpot and your lid back on. Turn the heat back down to low to let it simmer.

This will simmer for about 25 minutes.

Use a fork to pull out some of the frozen veggies underneath. If they're still cold, it's not done. You're only cooking it long enough for the veggies to warm up and the cabbage will be softened, but still have a little tooth to it.

Once the veggies are heated through and everything is all steamed and smelling wonderful, give it a little stir with a fork or tongs.

Yum! I love all of the fresh vegetables in this. It's low carb, low fat and big on flavor!

The fireman had two bowls, he added a little cocktail sauce to the second bowl. I am a purist, I like this just like it is. The sausage and chicken bullion adds some flavor to the cabbage. But you could add a little soy sauce as a garnish if you wanted to.


Jana said...

Hmmm...I've got some garlic red wine vinegar that might spice this up nicely. I'd have to invest in a steemer basket or a metal collander, though. My collanders are both plastic ones that I bought at a yard sale when I first moved out on my own 10yrs ago. It's time for an upgrade, right? ;-)

JenMarie said...

Absolutely! :-D