Monday, February 06, 2012

Couponing, not really extreme

Couponing has become a thing in our house. It seems with the economy hurting like it is, more stores are offering coupons and discounts to entice new customers and encourage their regulars.

The fireman and I, who don't regularly read the newspaper, have started to get the Sunday paper just for the coupons. This last weekend, I was able to save over $20 with coupons. Now, I am buying groceries for 5, but that's still a lot of savings!

My daughter has started calling me coupon girl...

The grocery store that we often use is Kroger, so we got on their online coupon program. They offer additional coupons just to their store. If we need a lot of groceries, we tend to go to Wal-Mart because their prices are just lower. As much as I hate it, they just are, and I can't pass that up. But if we need just a few items, we stop at Kroger's. Besides, we have a member card that has some discounts and we get gas points for discounts on fuel at Shell.

Their online website even will preload your card with certain coupons. We got most of our coupons, and savings, from Kroger. The fireman found out about this. They even sent a few 'free' items. I got a small bag of baby carrots and a bag of frozen store brand veggies for free!

Those of you that shop at a local grocery store, should definitely check out online for additional coupon programs.

We went there first and got the coupon items, then got our regular groceries at Wally World. There were a few coupons that we didn't use because the store brand was still cheaper than the discounted price.

So, now I have a coupon envelope that we can go through when we get groceries. I'm also trying to save those fast food coupons that come in the mail and use those on the few occasions we grab fast food.

Then, when it comes to clothes shopping, I mainly shop at New York & Co. I know it's expensive, but I'm 5' 10" and need a 35" inseam in dress pants. So, that's hard to find. I get their coupons by email and occasionally get $40 off $75. So, if I spend $35, I get $75 in clothes. Of course, that's only like 2 pairs of pants, but that makes the pants around $17.50 each. And they occasionally run a buy one get one half off discount. I keep an eye on their clearance rack as well. If I only go when I have a good coupon, I can get some good deals. They increase in savings as they go on, so I wait for a few weeks for better coupons.

I found that they do that for Justice, a kid's clothes store as well. The girl has been bugging me to go there. A lot of her friends have gotten clothes there. It's like a little girl haven, super fun. So, I got on their website and found out that they do that, too. I got an email for 40% off. They also happen to have a 50% off clearance section that the coupon worked for. So, she shopped and tried things on and we had a great time. We were able to get a few nice things for very reasonable prices. And then they give you coupons for when you come back. Spend $50 and get $25 off. Nice!

I occasionally get emails from Kohls for 15% - 40% off and try to use those when I need something new. The boys love Kohls for jeans! Old Navy rocks for discounts and coupon bucks as well. *totally inline with casual wear that all of us love*

With the economy as it is, so many companies are offering discounts and coupons. I feel like as long as I pay attention to when they're happening, I can wait to find a couple new pants/skirts/tops for much less. I hope to never pay full price for clothes again. I just have to pay attention and save my coupons.

But don't worry, we're not completely coupon-crazy. Friday night, the fireman and I went out to a local BBQ place and to a movie! I love date nights....


Jana said...

I've never had much luck with coupons. I usually end up spending MORE in order to use the coupons before they expire. But there are things I try to wait to buy until I have a coupon. I really wish Wally World would double their coupons like most grocery stores do. Bums me out. lol

I rarely ever buy new clothes so I've never paid much attention to clothing coupons. When I do buy new, I shop the clearence wrack only and then I have a mental price point I'm willing to pay for certain things.

My neice, Emmy, loves Justice, too. She saves her allowance money to buy new things there or asks for gift cards for b-day and Christmas.

Glad you and the fireman had a fun date night. :)

JenMarie said...

Jana, generally only stores in the south and on the east coast allow you to double their coupons. The stores around here won't let you do that. :( bummer

I had no idea about Justice until a few months ago! Crazy, but fun. If it weren't for store coupons, I'd never be able to shop at places like that, but I ended up getting her shirt for like $8.50 for two.