Thursday, February 09, 2012

Update on Dark Cocoa Cupcakes

When I finally came to after passing out because I finally succeeded at my low carb, low fat cupcakes, I was so excited to post about them, that I ignored the little error where my mayo wasn't mixed in very well, so I told everyone to beat the wet ingredients.

My mom followed my posted directions, and they didn't work. The cupcake was still dark and lovely, but it didn't fluff up. When I made these, and they tasted wonderful, I barely stirred the ingredients in. And they fluffed up. But I had a few small mayo chunks that didn't blend in.

So.......I have updated the directions online to very lightly mix the egg, just enough to break it up, mix the mayo with the cocoa and sweetener seperately, to get the mayo smooth. Then gently stirring the rest of the ingredients in, only until wet, there will still be a few lumps.

This allows the batter to rise in the oven.


And thank you.

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