Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Random Notes

It's been sunny and warmish the last few days.

Not sure what's going on with Mother Nature. Surely she's confused.

I haven't been doing much baking. I have approximately a week and a half left on my diet. I have 4 pounds to go to my goal weight. Yippee!!

After the fireman and I lost our holiday weight, we each decided to go down a few more pounds than our goal weight last year on the Dukan Diet.

My mom and dad are now on the Dukan Diet and are doing well, as is my sister! Go family!

So, I haven't been baking.

I haven't been cooking all that much either. The hubby's been grilling. It's been so nice outside! And then last night, I made Ham & Pineapple. It was good, by the way. I didn't eat any pineapple....

The fireman made twice baked potatoes for the girl, without the skin. I know, she's strange. She ate it all warmed up and melty in a bowl. Sounds kinda good, actually.

And I had a cold. Boo.

I tried Julian's Smart Carb bread last night. Our local natural foods store has it. It's net 1 carb per slice. It's loaded with dietary fibers from sprouted grains and seeds that are easily digested. I put a slice of it in the toaster oven with two slices of deli ham and a slice of swiss cheese and toasted it.

Oh, yum.

I will get back to the cooking/baking soon. The brick wall is coming along well. I'll be able to update with the backside soon! The fireman is crazy focused on getting it done. I'll probably work on it some tonight.

We're also working on reorganizing our pantry/freezer. It gets stuffed full and then we don't know what we've got in there. I don't like doing the whole, what's for dinner thing. So, we're making a list. A dinner ideas list and a 'what's in the freezer' list.

And just because I got her to sit still long enough. A picture of the kitty, Willow.

 We rescued her from a shelter a year or so ago. She's sweet, she's pretty. She's tiny, about 8 pounds.
She likes to sleep on our clothes.


Annie @ Naturally Sweet Recipes said...

Aw, she is soo precious. Good for you guys for saving her!

JenMarie said...

We rescued our dog, Duchess 2 years ago and she is one of the best dogs. Ever.

There are so many animals at shelters. You can really take your pick. I always encourage folks to look there before they try purebreds, besides a lot of purebreds are inbred and not as smart. Not always, of course.

I have always gotten pets at shelters and have never been disappointed! Amazing creatures.