Monday, January 09, 2012

The Fireman's Beef Burgundy

The Fireman makes a mean beef stew. He makes it a few different ways. Sometimes, it's a Guiness Stew and sometimes it's a Beef Burgundy.

Every time he makes it I swoon in food-delight.

Besides, come on, coming home to anything cooked for you is amazing. Not to mention something so incredibly rich and lovely as this is.

Since The Fireman cooked this, I don't have step by step photos, but what I do have is a recipe, although his tends on changing a bit each time, and photos of the finished dinner.

This is what I came home to. This was after everyone got a bowl full, too. It was heaping. It was heavenly!

He started with 2 top round roasts. You can use a chuck, but it has more fat. This is actually quite lean.

He said you could use a sirloin roast as well, if you want.

Cut it up in chunks and sear the meat in smallish batches in a skillet or the bottom of your dutch oven. This caramelizes the meat and seals it. It adds just so much flavor. You could flour coat the chunks first, but we're going for less flour, less carbs. Just throw the seared meat in a large bowl until you're done, or your crockpot.

Then, he added about 2 1/2 cups of burgundy wine, and one of those large boxes of beef stock, and two packets of onion soup mix. You could use diced onions and then salt and pepper instead, but the soup mix is seasoned and hey, Firemen use soup mixes and canned soup. It's a rule.

He also added 2-3 bags of baby carrots. You can add potatoes, but we were going Dukan friendly and no carbs. We did cook some potatoes on the side for the kiddos. They put some in their bowls before they added the stew.

He cooked it in a large dutch oven in the oven at 275 for about 6-8 hours. If you're cooking it in the oven, you'll want to stir and check the fluid level to make sure you don't need to add some water. In the oven, some water will evaporate and he had to add about a glass of water. If you use a crockpot, leave the recipe as it is.

This was my seconds. I can't only eat one bowlful.

Oh, man. This was good. The flavor is rich and heavy. The carrots add a sweetness and the meat is tender and flaky in places.
There are some really tender bits that with the heavy rich sauce, you could serve on a crostini and die in pleasure.

Oh, man. I wish I had brought some of this for lunch today.....

It really lights my fire.

Hehe. I had to.....really.

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