Monday, January 23, 2012

Frankenstein Pizza

Meat Pizza?

Meat-crust Pizza?

Crustless Pizza?
Not really sure what to call this.

This was a creation out of the insane desire for pizza, on a low-carb diet.

We used hamburger as the crust.

Crazy? Insane?

Today, while posting, I searched online and found that we aren't the first people ever to have tried this.

I feel let down.

I thought I was a culinary goddess.

I guess not.

Ok, this recipe is, like weird. I mean, it all looks and seems way out there.

I know we've been making all sorts of strange low-carb things. But this thing is like savory and gooood.
I really almost didn't take photos of this. I wasn't sure it was going to work.

This was mine. We each had to make our own cause the fireman likes anchovies and cheyanne pepper and such.

We used lean hamburger meat, about a pound a pizza. I didn't want the bottom to be too thick, so I ended up pinching off about 2-3 tablespoons and made my dog very happy.

I only added some minced onion to mine, whereas the fireman added cheyanne pepper, italian seasonings and garlic in addition to the onion. He also patted his hamburger up the sides of the pan.

The fireman mixed two cans of roasted garlic tomato paste with one can of tomato sauce, we spread the sauce on the pizzas and had plenty leftover for dipping, if wanted. I wanted.

He sliced up deli ham in thin strips and I fried it up to make it crispy, then topped with green bell peppers.
He, on the other hand also added olives and diced onions and mushrooms and *gasp* anchovies.


Then we topped with part skim mozarella.

While, we were making this, the girl was all... "Um. Do I have to eat that?"

"No," we assured her. I had mixed up 1/3 of my Last Minute Pizza Crust which my friend Jana made last week! Go, Jana!

So, she had this beautiful little personal cheese pizza.

Yes, it killed the fireman and I to smell this yeast. It's all soft and yummy looking. *sigh*

I probably shouldn't have even tempted ya'll with that bready goodness photo, but hey, we were strong. You can be, too!

Unless you're not on a diet.

Then, have at it! And please, have a brownie for me, will ya? And tell me about it? In all it's chocolately, gooey glory? Will you? Please?

Getting back on track, here's what happened to our Frankenstein pizza.

Ooh, I kinda like that. Frankenstein pizza. *off to change the header post name* Awesome!

Ok, Frankenstein pizza. As the hamburger cooks it gets smaller. Duh, I shoulda known that would happen. So, the fireman's crust thing held his toppings in better than mine. Mine kinda oozed over. Which didn't stink, actually. It kinda made the cheese get all crispy and fried.

There wasn't that much grease, you couldn't have drained it even if you wanted to.

I was worried about the meat cooking all of the way, and it did, but I wanted it nice and browned on the bottom, so I popped the cast iron onto the stove top and cooked the base another few minutes.

But next time? I think I"ll pre-cook the patty crusts and then top and rebake.

*Update, the fireman thinks it should be Frankenmeat pizza. What do you think?*

Here's mine. Oh, wow.

This is actually devastatingly good. I didn't think it'd be this good.

The in your face thick, rich tomato paste is awesome. All the heaping toppings add so much flavor.
See all the browned bits at the bottom? That's flavor!

I threw a good dollop of the tomato paste on my plate and dipped bites into it. Also, I topped the pizza in some parmesan cheese. It was a flavor explosion. Minus the debris.

I was actually kinda shocked. I didn't think it'd be this good. I figured it'd be more like a hamburger patty with tomato paste and some veggies and melted cheese. Which sounds okay, but this is much, much better.

This was the fireman's pizza. In all it's tomato sauce oozing glory.

Good, man.

And each quarter slice is about a 1/4 of a pound of hamburger.

The fireman ate about half of his. I won't tell you how much I ate. I'm kinda embarassed.

But rest assured that he teased me relentlessly about it. Cause I out-ate him.

Hey, it happens.

So, I'll just end with this. To get him back.

We had fun cooking in the kitchen together. But now he's gonna kill me for posting that.


Geez, look at those guns!

*running off to hide*

P.S. I felt the need to come back and post that the fireman is not, in fact, naked. Sorry folks, but he's got jeans on. Just shirtless...and aproned.....I really love this photo.


Anonymous said...

I sure do have to try this. I made the tomato soup over the weekend, it is wonderful. I will be making more of that. Mom

JenMarie said...

Yay! I'm glad you loved the soup. The soup is gooood. ;)

Jana said...

Mmm...sounds delish. How long did you bake this for and at what temp? I need to know so that when I make this I won't end up with half cooked beef. ;-)

I made pizza empanadas last night using a store bought pie crust. Scrambled sausage, onions and peppers in tomato and tomato paste sauce. Cut the rolled out pie crust in half and filled it with the sausage mixture, some sliced mushrooms and some mozz. Folded, sealed and baked at 400 for 15 minutes. It was...well, I'm still singing love songs to it. lol

Something to think about when you can eat carbs again. ;-)

Also, does your firman have a liscense for those guns??? hehehe

JenMarie said...

I baked it at 400 for about 20-25 min. Bake it until the cheese is as browned as you want it. I then stuck it on the stovetop on high for about 3 minutes to crisp up the bottom, but it did splatter grease a little, so be careful if you do it that way. The meat was probably cooked all the way through already, it looked like it, but I wanted it really browned.
You could alternately bake the hamburger base for 15 min or so, and then top it and bake until the cheese is bubbly

JenMarie said...

Oh, I definitely want to try that empanada! Yummmmm. Definitely going to think about that again when I'm done with the weight loss and just maintaining. You can do the same thing with the pizza crust recipe. Fill it and fold it and bake it. Never thought to try with pie crust. Sounds AWEsome!

Yep, definitely need the fireman to get a FOID card for those guns! ;)