Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow, snow, snow

Snow again. We woke up with yet another day of white outside and wind blowing billows of snow around. Quite beautiful, if you ask me.

For other people, not so much. I know those that work in the snow don't enjoy it as much, but from the comfort of my office with my electric space heater under my desk and looking out my window at it, it's quite nice.

The fireman and I enjoyed some of our Moonshiner Burgers last night. We made 3 pounds worth for just the two of us. Yum! I can enjoy them tonight for dinner as well.

If you haven't tried them, you really should. They are amazingly good.

Our little local town theater is having a specialty showings for Friday night movies for $1. Tonight, at 7pm, they are having We Bought A Zoo, so the girl and I are going to see that.

I'm sure I'll get her some popcorn and candy to go with it. Cause that's critical for movie watching.

I have been craving bruschetta lately. I know, summer is gone, as are my wonderful tomato plants. I was thinking I could make a tomato salad with sliced tomatoes with basil and the balsamic vinegar/garlic oil combo on them as a side dish, but I have something else planned, even better.

I plan on having a new bruschetta-type recipe for you next week! If it's as good as I'm hoping it is, you'll love it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! The fireman and I are going to take turns with the brick most of the weekend. I'll post an update next week!

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