Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sinks and Mirrors

The Fireman has been busy in the bathroom doing more work. We decided on a color for the bathroom and now that the drywall has been mudded, we can start painting.

The chunk on the right is what he had to add after the tiling was done. He fixed a few of the spots on the wall on the far left where he removed the old towel rack.

He pulled out the old medicine cabinet, cause the mirror part was separating from the glass and cutting my arm up. I kept opening it and reaching inside, only to slice my arm on the rough, pointy corner. Ouch! I have a small scar from it!

I threw this one in so you could see the old green color. It makes it dark in here and doesn't go with the gray tile very well.

So, then when I got home, the primer was up!
Brighter and cleaner! He only went down past where the chair rail sits.
The new color is nearly white, but has a soft gray tint.

He removed the light switch covers and is spraypainting them with a brushed nickel instead of the oil rubbed bronze. Since, the bathroom is getting switched out.

He even took down the two light fixtures to paint those as well. MUCH cheaper than replacing.

New mirror, NO SHARP EDGES! But check out the new faucet! Awesome!! No more nasty, dirty oil rubbed bronze that you can't clean cause rough cleaners harm the finish.

Then, when I got home yesterday, he already had the painting done!
See? It's mostly white, just only barely gray. Just a hint of a shade. This is the light that was oil rubbed bronze. He spray painted it! I think it turned out awesome.

The light switch cover and the q-tip jar lid.

And lastly, the fan/light that he painted, too. It would have been pricy to buy all these fixtures brand new.

The only things left in the room to do is white crown molding at the top of the room to trim it out and a few spots where the chair rail needs to be cut to fit and attached.

This makes me seriously happy.

The girl was admiring it and said, "Mommy, our bathroom is like a hotel, now! "

Oh, yes, little girl, it certainly is!

I love that Fireman.


Jana said...

Lookin' good! Spray paint is da bomb! hehehe

WTG Fireman!

Seriously...I gotta get me one of those... ;-)

JenMarie said...

Hehe! If only you'd move to the midwest! ;)

Spray paint works wonders, doesn't it? With all you've done with the black paint. Huge change. Cheap, too.