Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brick By Brick

So, Sunday, the fireman and I started bricking our wall.

If you remember, we have a livingroom wall that we decided to brick. It runs into one of our barn beam beauties and will look like it's been there forever-n-ever.

The fireman figured out that he could cut the faces off old Bricks instead of buying expensive brick veneer. This way, it is truly old bricks from some old warehouse tear-down. History, people.

Well, since we're mostly done with the bathroom, we can start on the brick project.

We brought in half of the brick faces Friday night and set them on a tarp, so they could come to room temperature. No, I didn't forget and think this was a food posting. You totally can't tile or glue or mortar something that's cold to something that's not. The adhesive whatever won't work. That's what the fireman says, and he would know.

Sunday after church and supper, and a nap, we laid out rosen paper so we didn't hurt our pretty floor.
There is cement board up and we are going to be using Power Grab to glue the bricks on. Then, after they are all laid, we will use mortar and a process like tuck-pointing. Tuck-pointing is when you have to repair the mortar between the bricks and you're only adding it between the bricks and not the whole layer, like when you're buidling a whole brick wall. We aren't doing that, it's just the brick faces.

Look at me with the construction knowledge! I impress me sometimes.

It's really just the fireman.

Anyway, we decided on a half inch between the bricks and the fireman said he didn't know how best to space them out, unless we use a chalk line and snap the whole wall up. And I suggested buying this 1/2 inch cove molding as a spacer! He said it was brilliant! Go me!

So, we laid the first row just a tad off the floor, but close enough where you wouldn't notice, making sure it was level. Cause the floor totally is never truly level. So, the first row was nice and straight.

Then laid the spacer, broke into a 3 foot length and used a caulk gun to squirt some power grab on, stuck it on top, and made sure it was level.
We used a smaller 1 foot piece of the trim as spacer between the bricks.

We wanted the end to run right into the beam, and it spaced out perfectly with a full brick at the corner of the wall, in the other direction. We left the half bricks empty. When the wall is done, we will go back and cut all the partial bricks per measurement and place them in.

We only got these 5 rows done on Sunday, it takes a lot of time, although it's not very difficult.

It goes fairly quickly when you get a rhythm going, but to sit here doing this for hours? It's just tenuous after a while.
Monday, while I was at work, the fireman got a few more rows up! It's coming together! I love it.

Right now, we have a loveseat pushed up against this wall, but at some point in time, we plan on purchasing a hanging thin screen tv and mounting it on the wall and facing the couches to it. It's still a beautiful focal point wall, whatever is against it, but will be more impressive with the room directed at it.

We also plan on a wood burning fireplace in the corner there, to the left. But it's gonna take a couple more years to be able to fit that one on our renovation list.

Can't have it all today, but someday!

I really love the different brick colors and texture of each brick. It really gives it an authentic, vintage feel.

I plan on doing a few rows tonight and over the next couple of weeks, hopefully we will get the rest of the bricks up. The backside of this wall has a short wall and then it runs into our bedroom. We are going to be bricking that side up as well. It will be a little less than have of this length, but will add to the illusion that the wall has been there forever.



Anonymous said...

Jen, It really looks great! Mom

Jana said...

It's going to look amazing once you're done. Kudos to ya'll! :)

JenMarie said...

Thanks, guys! I'm super excited about it. It is going to be amazing!