Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie Review and Brick Walls

This last Saturday, I met 9 other girls at the theater to see One for the Money. Jason O'Mara did fabulously. He's super hot. Perfectly broody and Irish Italian. Dark and humorous. He's a good Morelli. Franko Daniel Sunjata is seriously steamy. He played a great Ranger. Quiet, reserved, put together. On the road to being a great Ranger. He's not The Rock, but hey. Can't win them all.

Debbie Reynolds is a fun Grandma Mazur. She's not quite old and crotchety enough. She's flamboyant and funny, though. If I hadn't read the books I would have really loved her. So, I'm going to look past that.

Katherine Heigl. I really think she hit Stephanie spot on. I know everyone's all She's not Sandra Bullock. But, Sandra's a little old for the part. Besides, Katherine Heigl played the physical humor and the 'eh, whatever' that Stephanie has when something everything doesn't go right.

The shower scene? Awesome!!!

Loved Morelli and Ranger's reactions to it. Priceless. Seriously.

Somewhat spoilery: They dumbed down Lula's attack by Ramirez quite a lot, but the remainder of the books aren't as dark as the first one in that aspect, so that's ok by me. Lula's a little 'pretty', but we'll see, she didn't have as big of a part in this book.

Jimmy Alpha portrayed by John Leguizamo was pretty darn good, as was Vinnie. Loved it.

Bonus: We got to see Rex in one of the first scenes and at the end, the credits listed: Rex, played by Rex. *big cheesy grin*

It's not exactly the same as the book in my head, but that's impossible. That being said, I sure had fun.

This is what the fireman's been working on.


I've put off taking a picture, cause it's dark when I get home. And in the morning? Don't remember to.
Here's the joint to the barn beam. We're trying to decide if we brick it up evenly or if we turn a brick vertically to butt up to the bracing.

I vote for evenly. Make the wall uniform.

Now we have to do the back side, which is less than half this length.

Then, once it's done, we cut the shorter pieces and fit them around the wall.

Then? Then, we mortar!
Can you tell I'm excited?

It looks like a loft. Like a renovated warehouse or something.

Love, love, love it.


Jana said...

Glad ya'll had fun. :) I'll probably wait for the DVD for this one but glad for the review. I haven't read any of the books. Started reading the first one a few months back but got bored with it. :-/

The wall looks amazing! Love, love, love it. :)

JenMarie said...

Thanks! It's amazing how much something like this can just change the entire feel of the whole house. Last night, the fireman and I watched Being Human and noticed they had a steam grate for a coffee table! We were all, that'd be awesome!!! I love that industrial feel. Gives the house character.